Purpose & Objectives of NJSGA


The National Junior Santa Gertrudis Association (NJSGA) works to improve the quality of the Santa Gertrudis breed by developing the cooperation, responsibility and leadership of America’s youth. The association encourages educational opportunities for NJSGA members, and provides increased opportunities for fellowship with others involved in the Santa Gertrudis breed and the cattle industry in general.


Attention Juniors!  When you are selecting your heifers for summer shows, please make sure that they meet the minimum requirements of the Santa Gertrudis Breed Standards. Read this information fully to assist you in your selection.


2017 Officers & Directors

Saige Combs - Texas - At Large - President

Taylor Terry - Texas - District 1 - Vice President 

Whitney Fuller - Texas - District 1 - Secretary

Harrison Kimble - Texas - District 1 - Treasurer

Will McDaniel - Georgia - At Large

Patrick Daniel - Arkansas - District 2

Casey Pitchford - Texas - District 1

Ryan Hess- Texas - District 1

Jordan Hess - Texas - District 1

JD Chism - Mississippi - District 3

Abbie Edenfield - Florida - District 4

Camila Cantu - Texas -District 1

Shelby Ferguson - Texas - District 1

Caydi Blaha - Texas - District 1

Heather Stenson - Texas - District 1


Not Pictured: JD Chism


2017-2018 Queen and Princess

Queen :: Hadley Brooks :: Krum, Texas

Princess :: Kalli Kimble :: Kingsbury, Texas

NJSGA is one of the top junior programs in the beef industry, with more than 400 active junior members from 14 states. It has active participation from all juniors, not only in exhibiting livestock but also in leadership contests such as public speaking, brain bowl and livestock judging.


The juniors are responsible young adults who know the meaning of competition, hard work, sportsmanship, andespecially friendship and family, and they are the future leaders of the beef industry. The experiences gained by individuals in this junior program are invaluable.


Founded in 1979, NJSGA is open to all young people under the age of 21. Members are issued a herd number, membership card, and one free subscription to the official publication of SGBI.


Junior members are entitled to all the services of SGBI, which include registration, recordkeeping, transfers, classification, grading-up program, Total Performance Program, promotion, and stock show and field day representation.


The membership is managed by its own board of directors, with five At-Large positions that are elected from the junior’s general membership. The remaining ten positions come from the districts. These districts are divided based on the membership in that area. The board is governed by the constitution and by-laws of the NJSGA.


2017 National Junior Heifer Show Better Beef Contest Female Results


2017 National Junior Heifer Show Better Beef Contest Bull Results


2017 National Jr. Santa Gertrudis Heifer Show Results


2016 National Jr. Santa Gertrudis Heifer Show Results


2015 National Jr. Santa Gertrudis Heifer Show Results


2014 National Jr. Santa Gertrudis Heifer Show Results



Letter from Junior Leaders in SG-USA 



By Shelby Ferguson, District 1 Director

Howdy from Aggieland! I am a sophomore at Texas A&M University, and I am serving as a District 1 National Junior Santa Gertrudis Association director. We are currently in the thick of the spring show season, spring calving season and enjoying some of this nice weather after a rough winter!

With that being said, it is time to start marking your calendars (if you haven’t already) for the 2018 National Junior Santa Gertrudis Show (NJSGS) in Texarkana, Ark. Will you be there to support our juniors and represent our breed? Each year, hundreds of people come to junior nationals to exhibit their red cattle, and participate in leadership opportunities and fellowship with our Santa Gertrudis family. As we approach the 2018 show, it is time to begin thinking about your attendance. You, or someone you know, may not be exhibiting any cattle this year, but your support and attendance are still very important. It is crucial that we continue to support our junior members – they are the future of this breed.

The NJSGS is an excellent opportunity to watch some of the younger members of our breed at work, and to see some of the best red cattle our breeders have to offer. So take out a pen, mark your calendars for June 23-30 and come support our junior members at the 2018 National Junior Santa Gertrudis Show. I cannot wait to see you all there. Thanks and Gig ‘Em!


By Ryan Hess, At-Large Director

I am currently serving as an At-Large director for the National Junior Santa Gertrudis Association (NJSGA). I was elected at last year’s National Junior Santa Gertrudis Show (NJSGS), and I can’t wait to begin my career serving on the NJSGA Board. The 2018 stock show season has finally begun! The National Santa Gertrudis Show was held in Fort Worth this year and cattle barn No. 4 was full of red cattle. Many good genetics were bought and sold on the first Saturday of the show at the annual Cowtown Elite Sale. The show was dedicated to Felix Serna – a well-deserved honor. The NJSGA held a social for all juniors before the junior show. There were more than 50 juniors in attendance and many new faces were there; we had a great time playing games and eating food. I look forward to seeing you all in San Antonio and Houston, and at the NJSGS this June in Texarkana.