Purpose & Objectives of NJSGA


The National Junior Santa Gertrudis Association (NJSGA) works to improve the quality of the Santa Gertrudis breed by developing the cooperation, responsibility and leadership of America’s youth. The association encourages educational opportunities for NJSGA members, and provides increased opportunities for fellowship with others involved in the Santa Gertrudis breed and the cattle industry in general.


Attention Juniors!  When you are selecting your heifers for summer shows, please make sure that they meet the minimum requirements of the Santa Gertrudis Breed Standards. Read this information fully to assist you in your selection.


2018 Officers & Directors

President -Taylor Terry - Texas - District 1

Vice President - Harrison Kimble - Texas - District 1

Secretary - Shelby Ferguson- Texas - District 1 

Treasurer- Ryan Hess - Texas - At-large

Caydi Blaha - Texas - District 1 

Heather Stenson - Texas - At-large

Landon Stem - Texas - District 1 

Taylor Janssen - Texas - District 1

Hadley Brooks - Texas - At-large

Kalli Kimble - Texas - At large

Erin Kaye Daniel - Arkansas- District 2

JD Chism - Mississippi - District 3

Kelsie Edenfield - Florida -  District 4 

Leighton McCulley - Mississippi -At-large



2018-2019 Queen and Princess

Queen :: Abbie Edenfield :: Altha, Florida

Princess :: Kenley Kincannon :: West Columbia, Texas

NJSGA is one of the top junior programs in the beef industry, with more than 400 active junior members from 14 states. It has active participation from all juniors, not only in exhibiting livestock but also in leadership contests such as public speaking, brain bowl and livestock judging.


The juniors are responsible young adults who know the meaning of competition, hard work, sportsmanship, andespecially friendship and family, and they are the future leaders of the beef industry. The experiences gained by individuals in this junior program are invaluable.


Founded in 1979, NJSGA is open to all young people under the age of 21. Members are issued a herd number, membership card, and one free subscription to the official publication of SGBI.


Junior members are entitled to all the services of SGBI, which include registration, recordkeeping, transfers, classification, grading-up program, Total Performance Program, promotion, and stock show and field day representation.


The membership is managed by its own board of directors, with five At-Large positions that are elected from the junior’s general membership. The remaining ten positions come from the districts. These districts are divided based on the membership in that area. The board is governed by the constitution and by-laws of the NJSGA.


2019 NJSGS Donation Form


2019 National Jr. Santa Gertrudis Female Show Class Breaks


2019 National Jr. Santa Gertrudis Show Special Classes


2018 National Jr. Santa Gertrudis Heifer Show Results


2017 National Jr. Santa Gertrudis Heifer Show Results


2016 National Jr. Santa Gertrudis Heifer Show Results



Letters from Junior Leaders in SG-USA 

By Cali Green, At-Large Director

Hello, my name is Cali Green. I am an At-Large director and member of the Louisiana Santa Gertrudis Association. I am currently a sophomore at Holden High School in Holden, La. I am an active member of the 4-H, FFA and Beta clubs, and I am also on the varsity swim team. I have been showing Santa Gertrudis cattle for the past six years and I couldn’t imagine my life any other way.

Within these past few months of being on the National Junior Santa Gertrudis Association Board, I’ve grown so much as a person and have become closer to many junior members. I am part of the Louisiana affiliate and, although we are small, I’m so thankful to have such a close-knit group of people to call my family.

In my opinion, promoting the Santa Gertrudis breed and trying to get more people to join an affiliate is a major part of exhibiting these cattle. Sometimes you have to start the “littles,” as we like to call them. I am so thankful for past directors such as McRae Clay and Reagan Ruddock for including me in breed affiliating activities and encouraging me to make new friends when I was younger. I challenge you all to invite someone to a breed affiliating activity and encourage them to join.


I hope you all have a great show season. I cannot wait to see you in Bryan, Texas, for the 2019 National Junior Santa Gertrudis Show.


Taylor Janssen, Director, District 1

My name is Taylor Janssen. I am a senior at Palacios High School in Palacios, Texas. I currently serve as the sentinel of the Palacios FFA Chapter. I am the treasurer for the South Texas Junior Santa Gertrudis Association (STJSGA), reporter for the Mid-Coast Junior Santa Gertrudis Association (MCJSGA) and I am a District 1 representative of the National Junior Santa Gertrudis Association (NJSGA). This will be my third year showing Santa Gertrudis cattle.

When I started raising Santa Gertrudis, I was very shy, and I did not talk to very many people. However, meeting people who share the same interest as I do drew me closer to wanting to share my experiences with them and others. It was through the affiliates that I became closer to everyone, because I saw how we are one big family and will help each other in times of need, no matter how hard times can get. It has been a pleasure getting to know everyone and to see how dedicated they are to raising Santa Gertrudis cattle, like me. These young men and women are very supportive and dedicated to all of the Santa Gertrudis breed affiliates.

It is an honor and a privilege to be an officer in both the STJSGA and MCJSGA affiliates and a District 1 representative for NJSGA. I look forward to the continued growth, not only for myself, but for existing and future affiliate members who helped develop this breed and bring us all closer together.