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Welcome to Santa Gertrudis Breeders International

WelCOME to Santa Gertrudis Breeders International

Santa Gertrudis Breeders International provides progressive leadership, services, programs and technology to promote and broaden the long-term profitability of Santa Gertudis influenced within the beef industry by being member driven and consumer-focused.

Santa Gertrudis Breeders International’s vision is to provide superior member service, actively seek and use partnerships to leverage success and maintain a focus on profitability for members and their customers.

Santa Gertrudis… The Preferred American Beef Breed


Why utilize Santa Gertrudis genetics in a breeding program?

For the commercial cattleman, the answer is simple: versatility. The versatility of the Santa Gertrudis breed ensures that is a compatible and profitable cross with a wide variety of breeds. The result of breeding to a Santa Gertrudis bull is a highly marketable feeder calf and an extremely valuable F1 replacement female. The Santa Gertrudis F1 female is highly prized among cattlemen and demand for these productive females outpaces supply. Santa Gertrudis-influenced females are quickly becoming the beef industry’s commercial female of choice. The breed’s efficiency as feeders and outstanding carcass traits highlight the fact Santa Gertrudis cattle are competitive and profitable in every sector of the industry.


Seedstock producers recognize SGBI is an industry leader proving cattlemen reliable genetic information and selection tools designed to assist with the identification of animals that are profitable and productive. SGBI’s dependable DNA-verified genetic evaluation allows cattlemen to make sound selection decisions, pinpointing animals that will perform regardless of environmental conditions. Santa Gertrudis offer heterosis for reproductive efficiency, longevity and forage adaptability.


SGBI Commercial Marketing Chairman Brian Cummins has developed a PowerPoint Presentation discussing the use of Santa Gertrudis genetics in commercial operations.  Mr. Cummins’ background as an order buyer and involvement with the Northeast Texas Beef Improvement Organization’s (NETBIO) stocker-feeder calf marketing program makes him uniquely qualified to discuss the genetics needed for the production and marketing of profitable feeder calves.  NETBIO special stocker-feeder calf sales assist producers in marketing their pre-conditioned calves in truck load lots.  This power point presentation can be utilized by SGBI members as an educational tool for use with commercial producers wishing to learn more about profitable Santa Gertrudis genetics.  


Check out our educational video series highlighting the story of the Santa Gertrudis from its development on the challenging South Texas Coastal Plain to its role in today's competitive beef market.

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