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Santa Gertrudis Mentoring Program


SGBI President Jerome Urbanosky shares these tips designed to help members mentor their customers and build long-term relationships.


1. Develop a strong relationship with the new customer. Encourage them to ask questions about their cattle, their operation and the industry. Listen and educate.
2. Get new customers involved! Encourage them to become members of SGBI and their local affiliate.
3. Sell quality cattle to breeders who represent you and the Santa Gertrudis breed.
4. Promote and advertise your Santa Gertrudis cattle and maintain and grow your customer base.
5. Visit customers’ farm/ranch and become familiar with their breeding goals.
6. Offer to help with first-time registration paperwork.
7. Offer customer advice on how and where to market their cattle.
8. Encourage your local affiliate to get new members involved.

Being a mentor to new customers takes time and dedication, but helping the breed’s newest customers achieve their goals is a rewarding experience and good business.